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Dear “Northern” Alumni, Family and Friends:


As you may recall, I was the originator, through C.B.O.G., at O.N.U. of the “Bahama Break Vacations,” Spring Breaks, 1965 through 1974. After graduating from O.N.U. Law School in 1974, I continued to organize trips to the Carribean, Mexico, Toronto Theater District, Colorado and Utah for ski trips, from 1975 through 2008. In 2008, I took a brief sabbatical from Group Travel while my twin sons completed Middle School, and High School.  


I have determined the time is right to “rally” O.N.U. Alumni and potential vacationers, that would enjoy traveling as a group and share memories of O.N.U. with family and friends, fraternity, sorority, brothers, sisters, by returning to one of our College Spring Break venues of the 60’s and 70’s, to Freeport-Lucaya, Grand Bahama Island, and to Nassau, New Providence Island.


It is now more economical to establish a Target Travel Adventure Website, that will be updated every six months with upcoming trip announcements and details on dates, rates, deposits, payment schedules and airline and/or land packages to premier destinations, with a minimum of six months notice prior to each trip!


Our next destination will be close to  home - yet a world away,” to one of our favorite destinations, Freeport/Lucaya, Grand Bahama Island. Although the Princess Resort/a/k/a Royal Oasis Resort, f/k/a King's Inn, and El Casino, have been closed for eleven (11) years, since two hurricanes hit Freeport in a one month during that period, the Island is finally rebounding from the storms and recession. The Port Lucaya area is booming again!


Our annual and weekly planned trips, “Back to the Bahamas”, are scheduled for May through October, 2016, as you may now select dates that work for you and your family or group, and book direct with Vacation Express, on-line, at introductory prices.  If you book by March 15, 2017, the cost will be $569.00 to $639.00 (EP), to $739.00 (all inclusive), at your choice of: (1) Pelican Bay Resort at Port Lucaya European Plan (EP) - $569.00; (2) The Grand Lucayan Resort, on Lucaya Beach, now known as The Breakers Lucayan Beach Resort  European Plan (EP) - $669.00; (3) Memories Grand Bahama Beach and Casino  Resort, all inclusive – $699.00 to $789.00; and (4) Lighthouse Pointe at Lucaya Beach (AI) - $799.00-$999.00.


You may book entire package direct with Vacation Express, as I cannot beat the introductory price with a group price and I want you to get the best deal available!


In order to support the website, I will need your financial support for maintenance of website for Target Travel Adventures. I would request that you fill out the enclosed form with current contact information, address, phone, e-mail address and return with a $25.00 payment to Target Travel Adventures for 4-year membership, for website access and trip updates, for announcements and reservation information for events/reunions, vacation packages to Caribbean/Florida/Colorado and skiing venues, such as Peek-n-Peak/Holiday Valley.


I love sharing my "enthusiasm and passion" for travel and thoroughly enjoy sharing these destinations with Families and Friends of Target Travel Adventures.  I do hope you will be able to join us on one of our upcoming adventures!  Join Our Club Soon! 


Please help spread the information by forwarding our website link to your “friends” on Facebook and/or Linked-in.  Please see "Latest News" above for information about current trips and booking availabiity.


Vacation Express now has 12 Gateway Cities for spring, summer, and fall, 2017, non-stop packages to Freeport/Lucaya.  Cleveland, Ohio has been added with non-stop departure dates to the Bahamas for July and August, 2017, and scheduled air packages all year round.



                                                                                     Stanley D. Scheetz, President, Target Travel Adventures

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